COVID-19: Information for Patrons


Last Updated: July 14 2020

How has the experience at City Cinema changed?

In addition to some fresh paint, a gigabit-speed Wi-Fi for our guests, and a new ticketing system, we have made changes to the Cinema experience so we can operate safely. Some highlights include:

  • Reserved seating for advance sales and walk-ins to allow for proper distancing in the theatre
  • Credit and Debit are accepted at the Box Office and Concession Stand for all purchases, and we encourage non-cash payments – tap payments, Apple Pay, and Android Pay are all available on-site
  • Tickets are also available for advance sales online until 30 minutes before the scheduled showtime. We encourage you to buy tickets and select seats in advance as we will have only about 20 seats available for each screening as we begin to reopen
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at the Box Office and Concession stand to protect patrons and staff
  • A one-way traffic pattern has been established in the Cinema from entrance to exit to ensure social distancing, and signage is throughout the Cinema to let you know where to go 
  • We are committed to frequent cleaning and disinfecting the Cinema, including seats and other high-touch public surfaces
  • City Cinema has submitted their COVID-19 Operational Plan to PEI CPHO  which includes details on distancing, sanitization, and other processes
  • We encourage patrons to wear non-medical fabric masks as recommended by the CPHO as they arrive at the Cinema, when they buy their tickets and concessions, as they get seated, while they move around the Cinema or to the washroom, and when they depart

How will I stay up-to-date?

We will continue to update our policies and guidelines here on this page as the situation continues to evolve, and we are responsive to your feedback as we look for ways to make the Cinema-going experience great! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time:

This page will remain available via short-link at: